Client:Dianes Lingerie
Kinetix Media’s project

Situated in the heart of Vancouver, Dians proudly stands as a symbol of luxury, offering a delightful haven for those who appreciate fine lingerie. The meaningful motto “You deserve it” came to life between 2007 and 2009, a time that coincided with our splendid 25th-anniversary celebration. During this special period, we hosted a variety of events to make our store shine even brighter.

One of the highlights was our idea of sending VIP invitations along with special gift cards to our loyal customers. This thoughtful gesture brought joy to our cherished regulars. By combining this creative approach with insights from UX research, we witnessed a noticeable transformation, leading to a significant increase in sales. The echoes of this success were not only heard in our records but also seen in the happy faces of our patrons, a clear reflection of the positive blend of innovation and dedication that continues to define the legacy of Dians.

Gift Card Design
Gift Card Design
Another design of the gift card holder
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